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Childcare coordinator 

Jill Allen

Jill has been at NHCC 4 years. As the childcare coordinator, she interacts with the families, playing with kids, and planning for success.  

Jill and her husband Cory have three children; Hudson, Keegan, and Ava, along with their dog Wrigley. A couple of things you should know about Jill is that she cares…ALWAYS and she loves bargain shopping.



·       BOOK OF THE BIBLE: Proverbs

·       THING ABOUT NHCC: Community and friendships made

Some of Nichole’s other favorites include the TV shows General Hospital, HGTV shows, and Hallmark shows. And don’t forget the Hallmark movies. 😊 She enjoys christian and country music. Outside the Bible, her favorite book is Time Lottery.

To contact Jill please email her at jill@northheartland.org