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associate pastor 

Kitti Homan

Kitti has been at NHCC for 23 years. She is one of our associate pastors. Some of her job responsibilities include counseling, providing grief resources, assuring with safety and security, and is house manager of services.

Kitti and her husband Mark have two daughters: Michelle and Caitlin and two grandchildren: Adri and Eres. Three things you should know about Kitti are (1) she has an irrational fear of mice and snakes, (2) she is really an introvert, and (3) she is fascinated with people (but can’t remember names 😊).


·       BOOK OF THE BIBLE: Philippians

·       THING ABOUT NHCC: Meeting people where they are and helping them move ahead

Kitti's favorite movies include First Knight, Braveheart, and The Last Samurai. As for music she enjoys anything but rap and hip hop. Outside the Bible, her favorite book is The Way of the Heart by Henri Nouwen.

To contact Kitti please email her at