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creative arts assistant

Maggie Reeves

Maggie is our Assistant Creative Arts Director. She assists with arts volunteer coordination, music and material prep, weekend production, drama directing, and arts event planning.

 Maggie has been married to our Creative Arts Director, Nathan for 10 years. Together they have three children: Jude, Jade, and Jack. They also have three spoiled kittens: Mr. Anderson, Dempsey, and The Cheat. Three things you should know about Maggie are (1) she loves dinosaurs, (2) loves to bake cakes, and (3) she changes her hair regularly.


·       BOOK OF THE BIBLE: Philippians

·       THING ABOUT NHCC: The environment of Authenticity

Other favorites of Maggie include TV shows like Brooklyn 99, 30 Rock, and Boys Meets World. Her movie preferences are psychological, romance, or comedy. She loves music especially the Hot Hot Heat, The Postal Service, and The Killers.

To contact Maggie please email her at