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executive director 

Mica St. George

Mica is the Executive Director here at NHCC. She has been on staff for 7 years. Some of her job responsibilities include overseeing projects and the BE team, Membership, and working with the Intro to NHCC team.  

Mica and her husband Joseph have a wonderful dog named Grady. Three things you should know about Mica are: (1) she has a love for adventure and thrill seeking, (2) she gets excited about storms and snow, and (3) FIND SOMETHING HERE.


·       BOOK OF THE BIBLE: 1 Peter

·       THING ABOUT NHCC: It’s a doorkeeper church

Mica enjoys crime shows and old country or current pop. Outside the Bible she loves the book Anything written by Ted Deckcer.

To contact Mica please email her at mica@northheartland.org