Giving At North Heartland

Thank you for your interest in supporting the ministries of North Heartland Community Church. Your generous support enables us to reach seekers, build a family and impact our community. 

Give Online:

Click here to set up a recurring or one-time gift.

Give By Mail:

Make your check payable to “North Heartland Community Church” and either place it in the offering during the service or mail it to:

North Heartland Community Church
4800 NW 88th St.
Kansas City, MO 64154

If you have any questions about your giving statement or need assistance with your giving, contact Lynda Starkey at 816-741-1444 or


90 Day Giving Challenge

If you are not giving already, a great way to start is with the 90 day Giving Challenge. Essentially, it's a contract based on the promises of God. In Malachi 3:10-11. If you want to take the 90 Day Giving Challenge, follow these steps below:

-Sign up here.
-Write down your start date.
-Give a regular amount of your income to God for 90 days.
-Record what God does in your life for 90 days and share your story with us.

Because we believe what the Bible says about giving, we commit to you that if you give for 90 days and God doesn’t hold true to His Promise, we will refund 100% of your giving from the date you submit the form. Without any questions.

Let us know your 90 Giving Challenge stories by submitting them here!

generosity and Giving

Giving FAQs

Following are answers to some frequently asked questions. This information will be updated at least once per year to reflect the most recently completed calendar year and include other information of interest.

NHCC Philosophy

NHCC Impact Partners

NHCC Expenses (How the money is spent)

NHCC Funds, Payment Methods and Noncash Donations

Instructions for setting up a recurring donation on-line

If you have additional questions, please feel free to ask! You can send an email to Ladell Thomason, Associate Pastor, or Lynda Starkey, Finance Manager.

NHCC Philosophy

What is NHCC’s philosophy on giving?

Our ultimate goal at NHCC is to invite people to come to Jesus and be a part of the people of God. We want to develop a radically generous family that cares for its members so well that our friends are drawn to be a part of it. NHCC emphasizes generosity and teaching people how to move from random acts of giving to generosity.

What is Generosity? Is that different from Giving?

Generosity was probably the greatest outwardly visible characteristic of the original followers of Jesus. Generosity is the premeditated, calculated, designated emancipation of personal financial assets.

  • Premeditated……you have a plan

  • Calculated……you know how much

  • Designated……you have already decided in advance where it’s going to go and you are not swayed by emotion or guilt

  • Emancipation… order not to be possessed by your possessions and money, you have to set those things free.

Giving is:

  • Spontaneous… are moved by emotion or guilt

  • Determined by cash flow… give when you can afford it or when there is money left over at the end of the month

What does Jesus say about Generosity & Giving?

A lot! You can find many parables and sermons on the subject of money and possessions in the Bible. This is the promise that Jesus makes: if you order your life around generosity, you will be happier.  You can trust what Jesus said or you can live how most people live in this culture.

Current Culture Cycle


Biblical Alternative


How should I decide if I should donate to NHCC?

When you think about your generosity plan, ask yourself two questions: “What are you grateful for?” and “What are you broken over?” Those organizations and people are where you should be designating your funds. If you feel that NHCC is one of those organizations, you may want to include NHCC in your generosity plan.

Should I donate only to NHCC?

No. In fact, NHCC believes that if you are a Christian, you should designate some of what you regularly give to other people and organizations that deal with issues God cares about. Part of NHCC’s mission is to Impact our Community. NHCC has chosen some Impact Partners that we will support throughout the year in various ways, from simply providing space or other resources to actively fundraising for them. NHCC will provide opportunities for you to become involved – by volunteering your time or donating money or supplies. (Visit the Impact Partner Questions section for more details on NHCC’s current Impact Partners.) However, there are many other worthy people and organizations to support so select a cause that speaks to you and find an organization that addresses that issue!

What if I need some help to get started organizing my life around generosity?

NHCC provides individual financial counseling through a program called Good Sense. Click here for an application form. Complete the form and return it to NHCC. You can also call our offices at 816-741-1444 and request this form be emailed or sent to you. If you have any questions on the program, you can contact Ladell Thomason.


NHCC Impact Partners

What are Impact Partners?

They are ad-hoc groups and non-profit organizations that NHCC has selected as strategic partners who are able to do good in ways that we cannot.

How were these groups selected?

To maximize the impact of our collective support, the leadership team chose a few partners based on the following criteria:

  • What is not being done that we can do?

  • What burdens us?

  • What could involve the people of NHCC in a tangible way?

  • What are our people already involved with?

  • Does it benefit the Northland and the KC Metro?

Who are our current NHCC partners and how will we support them?

Our current Impact Partners are listed below along with a few ways that you can participate. Look for additional opportunities in the Sunday program throughout the year.

For all of the Partners, you can PRAY for their success and you can DONATE to our Impact Partner fund.

North American Mission Board (NAMB)

  • Emphasis: Church Planting – Spreading the Gospel

  • NHCC will support by:

    • Use of NHCC building for meetings, interviews and training.

    • Financial support of church planting initiatives

  • Individual NHCC members and families can support by:

    • Praying for these church planters and their churchs

    • Stay updated with needs of this partner via our group page for them on Facebook

KC Metro Schools

  • Emphasis: Making Our Community Better

  • NHCC will support by:

    • Annual Free Teacher Supply Giveaway (held in late July)

    • Education Resource Center (ERC) (open year round)

    • Assisting schools in need with ad-hoc projects

    • Provide space for training

  • Individual NHCC members and families can support by:

    • Donating new or gently used supplies throughout the year

    • Volunteering in July to set up for the giveaway or on the day of the giveaway

    • Volunteering to organize the ERC room throughout the year

    • Stay updated with needs of this partner via our group page for them on Facebook

Parkville Women’s Clinic

  • Emphasis: Preservation of Children – Caring for the Little Ones

  • NHCC will support by:

    • Financial Support (including holiday fundraiser)

    • Education partnership

    • Supply drives

  • Individual NHCC members and families can support by:

    • Volunteering at the small mall and concession stand held in conjunction with the Cool to Be Blue holiday shopping event in November (proceeds from concession stand and small mall to be donated to the Clinic)

    • Volunteering at Super Saturday Serve to help with projects

    • Stay updated with needs of this partner via our group page for them on Facebook.

Restoration House of Greater Kansas City


  • Emphasis: Protection of Women – Caring for Women at Risk

  • NHCC will support by:

    • Financial Support (including proceeds from charity golf tournament)

    • Education partnership

  • Individual NHCC members and families can support by:

    • Playing in the golf tournament (Invite family and friends along too)

    • Volunteering at the golf tournament

    • Volunteering at Super Saturday Serve to help with projects

    • Stay updated with needs of this partner via our group page for them on Facebook

Something to Eat

  • Emphasis: Homeless and Hungry – Care for those lacking in basic necessities

  • NHCC will support by:

    • Financial Support

    • Packing Events

    • Supply drives

  • Individual NHCC members and families can support by:

    • Signing up to help pack food boxes for a Packing event

    • Stay updated with needs of this partner via our group page for them on Facebook

Hillcrest Platte County

  • Emphasis: Homeless and Hungry – Providing hope and restoration for young adults who have aged out of the foster care system as well as families.

  • NHCC will support by:

    • Financial Support (including proceeds from charity golf tournament)

    • Supply drives

  • Individual NHCC members and families can support by:

    • Playing in the golf tournament (invite family and friends along too)

    • Volunteering at the golf tournament

    • Serve as a sponsor for a young adult apartment

    • Stay updated with needs of this partner via our group page for them on Facebook


  • Emphasis: Preservation of Children – Caring for the Little Ones

  • NHCC will support by:

    • Responding to posted requests for resources

  • Individual NHCC members and families can support by:

    • Signing up for the Care Portal email to receive notifications of needs such as beds, bedding, clothing and more

    • E-mail Shannon Horn to be added to this list

    • Stay updated with needs of this partner via our group page for them on Facebook



NHCC Expenses (How the Money is Spent)

How Does NHCC spend the money we give?

At a high level, our money is spent as follows:

  • Ministry Programs: 48%

  • Property Management: 33%

  • Organizational Administration: 19%

The following chart shows more details on how NHCC spent money in 2018.

2018 expenses chart.jpg


Buildings & Grounds ($529,678): Payments on building mortgage and construction loans; utilities, building repairs & maintenance,  custodial & cleaning services & supplies, landscaping and grounds maintenance, facilities staff compensation and expense.

Ministry Support ($317,443): Office staff compensation and expense, insurance, legal & auditing, office supplies, IT expenses, postage, bank & merchant fees

Worship & Teaching ($220,725): Ministry staff compensation and expense, music resources, video resources, drama resources, equipment and license fees for live streaming & message archives, baptism & communion supplies, volunteer training & appreciation

Children & Student Ministries ($140,420): Ministry staff compensation and expense, curriculum and other resources for Sunday morning and mid-week programs, volunteer appreciation and training, camp & mission trip subsidies

Congregational Life & Development ($253,498): Ministry staff compensation and expense, HOPE fund & Christmas blessings, small group resources, counseling, volunteer training & appreciation

Outreach & Community Impact ($171,794): Ministry staff compensation and expense, outreach events, mid-sized events, marketing, first impressions ministry, funeral meal ministry, support for impact partners

Total = $1,663,558

 NHCC Funds, Payment Methods and Noncash Donations

NHCC Funds

There are four ongoing funds at NHCC. There may occasionally be other funds set up for short-term fundraising goals, but these four funds will be available all the time:

  • Ministry & Operations Fund

  • H.O.P.E Fund

  • Property Improvements Fund

  • Impact Partners Fund

Donations to the Ministry & Operations fund pay for all the operating and programming expenses of the church. The other three funds are designated for special purposes.

The H.O.P.E (Helping Other People in Emergencies) fund has money that has been donated for the specific purpose of helping NHCC family or friends of NHCC’ers who are experiencing a financial emergency. Anyone may nominate themselves or someone else for financial assistance by completing an application form and returning it to the office for the HOPE team to review. Applications are available in the Info Center at NHCC or at the virtual Info Center by clicking here and selecting Assistance. This fund also distributes Christmas blessings in December.

The Property Improvements Fund holds money designated for property improvements, large equipment purchases and major repairs. It will NOT pay for routine maintenance or repairs. NHCC budgets about $129,000 every year to pay for routine maintenance and repairs for the building, property and equipment. (The $129,000 does not include utility costs or payments on our loans on the property.) The Property Improvements fund is reserved to help pay for large expenses. Examples might be new rooftop heating & cooling units, extensive roof repairs, or other large expenses that cannot be handled solely through our general ministry & operations budget.

The Impact Partners Fund holds money designated for NHCC’s Impact Partners (See the Impact Partners section for more information on these partnerships.) 100% of the money donated to this fund is passed along to these groups.

Can I designate money to be used for a specific ministry purpose?

We do not have any standing funds other than the ones noted above. Occasionally, there may be short-term opportunities to contribute for a specific project. An example of this might be Student Ministry fundraising to help pay for a mission trip.

How can I donate?

  1. You can donate by dropping cash or a check in the offering on Sunday.

  2. There are also several lockboxes – located in the vestibule, Cafe, Info Center, the Family Room, the Well and the front desk – where you can drop off your offering on Sunday or during the week if you are at the church.

  3. You can donate electronically from your bank account or credit/debit card via our website or NHCC app.

  4. If you have an account with a bank or credit union that offers a “bill pay service”, you can request that they send a check to NHCC in the amount and frequency you wish.

  5. You can also personally mail a check to our office:

Attn: Accounts Receivable

North Heartland Community Church

4800 NW 88th Street

Kansas City MO 64154

Will I get an acknowledgement of my donation?

NHCC’s current practice is to send out giving statements on a quarterly basis. The year-end statement would be your documentation for tax purposes. If you need any information on your giving, you can contact Lynda Starkey at 741-1444 or email her and request an interim statement.

Can I donate stock or mutual fund shares?

Yes. NHCC maintains an account with Ameritrade. Contact Lynda at and request instructions on transferring the stock donation to NHCC’s account at Ameritrade.You may be able to donate shares of a mutual fund. Check with your mutual fund company to see what is required and then contact to have NHCC complete any necessary paperwork to complete the transfer of shares. There may be tax advantages to transferring appreciated stock or mutual fund shares directly to NHCC rather than selling the stock or shares and donating cash. You will need to consult a tax advisor about your financial situation to see if this option would be beneficial for you. These donations will not show up on your giving statement. You will receive a separate letter from NHCC reflecting these donation for tax purposes.

Can I make a non-cash donation other than stocks?

It depends. Some items that we can always use:

  • Teacher Supply Giveaway & Educator’s Resource Center (ERC) items: We have an annual Teacher Supply Giveaway (usually in late July). We also maintain a storeroom of these supplies for teachers in need to access throughout the year. We accept donations year-round for this purpose. Items that you can donate would include: books, room décor, office supplies, craft and art supplies, paper, notebooks, pencils, pens, markers, glue sticks, stuffed animals and more! Gently used items are okay.


  • Care Portal donations: We receive Care Portal requests regularly. We have a small storage area where we can temporarily store donations for the Care Portal. Items that can be donated to the Care Portal include: twin beds, twin mattresses, twin bedding, small dining room sets, small apartment furnishings. Contact to determine if the item is a Care Portal need, if there is currently room to store and to arrange a time for drop off.


  • There may occasionally be other drives throughout the year for other items. Watch your program for these opportunities.

If you have an item to donate that doesn’t fit one of these categories, please contact NHCC to see if we can use the item. Currently, NHCC does not have an arrangement with a company to sell donated items.

If you need a letter for tax purposes for a non-cash donation, let us know.


Instructions for Setting up Electronic Donations through NHCC

How do I set up a new recurring donation?

There are two ways to set up recurring donations through NHCC:

  1. NHCC Website

  2. NHCC Mobile App

(You may also be able to set up an automatic bill pay through your bank or credit union. You would need to check with your financial institution to see if that option is available to you.)

Setting up new recurring donations on NHCC Website

  1. Go to the North Heartland website:

  2. On the top right hand side, click on “GIVE”.

  3. Click on Give Now and fill in the information to make a one-time or recurring gift.

Setting up new recurring donations on the NHCC App

  1. If you do not have the app installed on your smartphone, you can download it through Google Play Store, iTunes App Store, Windows Phone or Amazon App. Search for “North Heartland Comm Church”.

  2. Click on the NHCC app. Go to the Serve/Give tab. (On some phones this will be on the bottom and on some it will be on the top and you may have to swipe right to left to see the tab.)

  3. Click on “Online giving” and fill in the information to make a one-time or recurring gift.

Authorization Form for recurring donations

If you would like us to set up your recurring payments for you, complete the Authorization Form – Recurring Payments. Please contact for a copy of this form.