Upcoming Events

Parent Child Blessing Sunday, August 25th

North Heartland 25 Year Anniversary Celebration Wednesday, October 2nd

Weekly Events


Morning Worship  9:30am & 11:00am
Adventureland (birth-5th grade) 9:30am & 11:00am
The Well-Middle School (6th-8th grade) 9:30 am  
The Well-High School (9th-12th grade) 9:30 am
The Well Coffee Shop opens at 9:15 am


The Well Coffee Shop Mondays 2:30-6:30 pm

Small Groups meet at various times throughout the week.




Baptism & Parent Child Blessing

How Does baptism work at North Heartland?

At NHCC, we baptize:

  • Individuals who wish to follow the commands of Jesus and go "public" with their desire to follow Him as Lord and Savior. Individuals must understand that it is not baptism that saves them but rather faith in Jesus Christ and His atoning death on the cross.
  • Individuals who are in 3rd grade and up. Students in elementary school must attend a class with their parents and demonstrate that they have an understanding of what baptism is (a step of obedience to follow the commands of Jesus) and what it is not (a way to enter heaven). 
  • By full immersion (that means we dunk people all the way under the water, they way they did it back in the day of Jesus).
  • Twice a year. Once in fall and once in spring, we set up a baptistery, which looks like a small hot tub, and baptize individuals as part of our Sunday services.

For more information on baptism or the next baptism at NHCC, contact us by using this form.

Sign Up Form For Baptism

What about younger children?

We do not baptize infants or young children at NHCC since they do not yet have an understanding of their sin nature or the need for a savior. We do however, understand, that parents and grandparents wish to have a formal way to commemorate their decision to raise their child(ren) in the faith so with that in mind we have our Parent-Child Blessing.

During the Parent-Child Blessing, parents make a commitment to the Lord, the church and their children to raise them according to the faith that is built on Jesus Christ. The church also makes a commitment to help the parents as they lead and guide their children. The Parent-Child Blessing takes place once a year in August as part of our Next Generation service. 

For more information on Parent-Child Blessing at NHCC, contact us by using this form.



To become an official member of North Heartland, you must first attend all three sessions of the Intro to NHCC class. The Intro Class is offered throughout the year during the 11 am service as well as mid-week during our Summer Classes. 

Once you have completed the class, complete the membership application and submit it. Click here for the on-line version of the application.




Rick McGinniss and his wife, Jetta, became burdened about neighbors and friends who did not attend church.


Rick, Terry Lamberth, and Wayne Bandy founded Project Northland after Park Hill Baptist Church donated $100,000.


North Heartland Community Church held its first public service at New Mark Middle School.


Holding Sunday services at New Mark Middle School, NHCC continued to grow as it met the needs of spiritual seekers in the Northland.


Relocated offices to Riverside and began to hold Sunday services at Park Hill South High School and mid-week services at Hope Fellowship.


Moved into the former Prairie Hills Hospital and began holding Sunday services in the gymnasium.


Completed major remodeling – expanding the gymnasium and developing Adventureland and commons areas – to allow North Heartland congregation to grow in size.



Implementation of growth and outreach plan by inviting Northlanders to attend services in newly prepared facility.


Building Rental

Though Ministry Events take first priority at NHCC, we do allow outside and personal rentals of the building. For more information on cost, availability and other details, click here to complete a building use rental request and a member of our administrative team will be in touch with you.



The purpose of NHCC’s H.O.P.E. ministry is to assist people in need through the generosity of our church family.  H.O.P.E. benefits individuals and families within North Heartland, as well as their friends and families outside the church. 

The funding for H.O.P.E. comes from designated contributions and occasional special offerings, used for special projects such as the NHCC HOPEful Blessing Project.

God has entrusted the H.O.P.E. Team with the stewardship of these funds, we therefore need a detailed application to assess each individual’s needs.  We may contact you for more information.  Our goal is to provide for the basic necessities of life:  shelter, utilities, medical care, food and clothing. We may also suggest that Emergency Public Assistance is sought first (click here for a list of resources) or that participation in Good Sense Counseling (see below) is needed more than monetary assistance.  


 The Process: 

1. Applications are available at the Info Center or for download by clicking here.  This application form needs to be filled out completely and legibly, and MUST be signed, in ink, by the individual seeking assistance as well as the spouse or significant other (if applicable).  NO form will be processed without the proper signatures.   


2. We will send you a postcard to let you know we have received your application.  There may be a TWO to FOUR WEEK turn around on processing all applications.  Please understand that funds will be dispensed as the H.O.P.E. Team deems appropriate both in amount and time frame.   


3. Copies of bills MUST be submitted. Payment must be to a provider such as a rent/mortgage company, utility company, medical or childcare provider.  


Please note:  The decision of the H.O.P.E. Team may be that no money should be dispersed at this time.  If an individual has received assistance from the H.O.P.E. fund, any future requests must be made through participation in Good Sense Counseling. This requirement is to provide accountability for our donors as well as to help individuals become free from financial bondage.



Our Good Sense Financial Counselors are there to help guide individuals and couples who may be experiencing financial crisis or just want to be better stewards of their financial resources.  Our counselors work directly with each person or couple to develop a budget and spending plan, based on biblical principles, that can result in financial freedom and joy.

If you are experiencing financial difficulties or need guidance in managing your financial resources, then follow the steps below:

Our Application Process

Click here to open and download the Good Sense Counseling forms.

Print out the Good Sense Counseling forms and fill them out to the best of your ability. All information on the forms will be kept confidential.

Submit your forms to the Good Sense Ministry by either:

Dropping your envelope by the church office.  Make sure you write “Good Sense Ministry” on your envelope.


Mailing your documents to:

North Heartland Community Church

c/o Good Sense Ministry

4800 NW 88th Street

Kansas City, MO 64154

You will then be matched with a Good Sense Counselor and contacted for an initial discussion in 7 to 10 days. Please contact the church office (741-1444) if you have any further questions.


NHCC Photo Directory

Our photo directory is a great way to get to know your North Heartland family. To submit a photo, send it to photos@northheartland.org

To view the directory, click here and use the password that was sent to you via email or contact our offices.