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Childcare coordinator 

Jill Allen

Jill has been at NHCC 4 years. As the childcare coordinator, she interacts with the families, playing with kids, and planning for success.  She also coordinates and encourages our office volunteers.

Jill and her husband Cory have three children; Hudson, Keegan, and Ava, along with their dog Wrigley. A couple of things you should know about Jill is that she cares…ALWAYS and she loves bargain shopping.



·       BOOK OF THE BIBLE: Proverbs

·       THING ABOUT NHCC: Community and friendships made

Some of Nichole’s other favorites include the TV shows General Hospital, HGTV shows, and Hallmark shows. And don’t forget the Hallmark movies. 😊 She enjoys christian and country music. Outside the Bible, her favorite book is Time Lottery.

To contact Jill please email her at jill@northheartland.org