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associate pastor 

Ladell Thomason

Ladell has been at NHCC for 16 years. He is an associate pastor who you might see on stage from time to time. When he is not on stage, you can find him working on church-wide discipleship programs, spiritual growth classes, managing our operations and IT staff, or overseeing our generosity initiatives.

Ladell has been married to Norma for 40 years. Together they have four adult children: Joel, Kyle, Abby, and Cory and three grandchildren. Ladell is an avid sports fan (KC Chiefs, KC Royals, and KU Basketball).  He loves to study the Bible and play disc golf.


·       BOOK OF THE BIBLE: Romans

·       THING ABOUT NHCC: The transparency of the leaders

Other of Ladell’s favorites include the movie: Forrest Gump, music: Michael Jackson and pop music, TV show: Dancing with the Stars and Survivor, and book outside the Bible:What on Earth Are You Here For? (Purpose Driven Life)

To contact Ladell, please email him at