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Senior and founding pastor 

Rick McGinniss

Rick has been at NHCC for 25 years. He is the founding and senior pastor. His responsibilities include researching and writing messages, planning message series and services, video production, and long-range planning and management.

Rick and his wife Jetta have three daughters, Marilyn, Katie, and Janelle, plus six grandchildren. He also has a dog, Tery. Three things you should know about Rick are (1) he likes to golf, (2) he is doing his dream job, and (3) he is blessed far beyond what he deserves.



· THING ABOUT NHCC: That we prioritize reaching those who are not-yet-believers in Jesus; that our staff actually strives to live according to our faith and values; our first-class food and hospitality.

Some other favorites of Rick's include the TV shows Eureka and Monk, he loves Chicago (the band) and Blood Sweat & Tears, his favorite movie is What About Bob? and his favorite books outside the Bible include Emotionally Healthy Spiritually by Peter Scazzero and anything by N.T. Wright and Andy Stanley.

To contact Rick, please email him at pastor@northheartland.org