10-22-17 @North Heartland: Communion, Why We Give, Something to Eat (and no Chiefs game)

Good morning NHCCers,

Two Chiefs losses in four days got you down? All the political bickering turning your stomach? The turn to shorter days and longer nights a little depressing? Had it up to here with the games people play on social media?

Yeah, me too.

That's why you'll want to join me in "the best way you can spend an hour on Sunday" at either of our two services, 9:30 and 11:00 this Sunday. Each service will feature a time of communion (this will happen at the very beginning of the service so please be on time so as not to miss out or be a distraction to others), outstanding music and an explanation from yours truly of why we invite people to give as we finish out our brief series North Heartland Matters

Giving (and talk of money in general) is a topic which often causes a bit of angst for preachers but, honestly, I love talking about it. That's because in my 60 years on this planet, giving to the Lord's work has produced some of the most concrete and consistent confirmations of the presence and activity of God in my life. I'll explain what I mean by that on Sunday and also make you a promise - no arm twisting on the matter. Sadly, some of you have been part of churches that do that kind of thing and I've heard the horror stories! Rest assured - we don't do that here.

Also on Sunday, in conjunction with our Impact Partner Something to Eat we have the "Feed the Funnel" meal packing project at 2pm. You'll see the massive set up for it when you enter the commons on your way into the auditorium. It's so big because so many of you have signed up to help out those without food in our city. Way to go! (If you haven't signed up you and yours are still welcome to participate).

So, bottom line, I invite you to tune out all the distractions and frustrations in your world and come join us Sunday (in person or via livestream on our app or website) as we remember in communion how God first gave to us and then discover why giving back to Him is such a powerful way to experience His presence in our lives.

Hope to see you then!


*** Stats from last Sunday ***

09:30  376
11:00  361
Total   737
Ministry & Operations Fund
Offering  $12,330
Goal       $28,000
YTD  $1,038,992
Goal  $1,062,500
Status   -$23,508

Rick McGinniss