10-29-17 @North Heartland: Maximizing Your Personality begins

Hey there NHCCers,

No, it's not yet Friday. I'm sending out this communique a day earlier than normal because I'm fired up about the new five-week series we're starting this Sunday, and I wanted you to have a little bit of lead time so you can invite non-church-attending family and friends. This will be a practical and fun series which also makes it an ideal time for newcomers to give "church" a try.

The series is called Maximizing Your Personality and uses the four basic types as defined by the DISC profile system as a tool for understanding how God can work in our lives through our natural "wiring" but also in spite of it. 

This Sunday's message, Everybody's Normal, will be accompanied by great worship and music, plus our drama team has prepared a hilarious skit to illustrate how the four types often affect each other. Then, over the next four Sundays we'll look at each type individually. If you'd like to share an invitation with someone, here's a link you can use

Hope to see you Sunday!

*** Last Sunday's Stats ***

09:30    334
11:00    448
Total     782
Ministry & Operations Fund

Offering    $48,714
Goal         $28,000
YTD     $1,087,706
Goal     $1,090,500
Status       -$2,794

Rick McGinniss