10-08 @North Heartland: Vegas ... and NHCC

Dear Family and Friends of North Heartland,
It’s hard to believe, but it’s happened again. Yet another tormented and demented individual has taken it upon himself to rain down fire and vengeance upon innocent and unsuspecting fellow human beings. As I watched the reports coming in from Las Vegas on Monday, my heart was saddened and sickened.
Following such events the discussion almost immediately devolves into a debate between the pros and cons of tighter gun control laws and wondering what security might need to look like going forward. While there is some value in those conversations, it seems to me that there are much deeper issues that draw very little attention.
For instance: How do people get to the point where they conclude this is what they should do? Is it simply mental illness? Radicalism of some sort? Or, perhaps, has something happened within our cultural mindset that has opened the door to this kind of violence? I’m reminded of the biblical proverb that says: “There is a path before each person that seems right but it ends in death.” (Proverbs 16:25)
More importantly, I’m convinced there is a role for our church and churches all across America in addressing the root of this problem (and many others) which is what I will be talking about this Sunday, October 8th, as we begin a three-week series called “North Heartland Matters” ... because what we collectively are and do together as a church does matter - and far more than we know. 

I hope you'll be present for all three messages or watch the livestream on our app or website. I promise, it will be worth your time and effort!

Turning to the "good news" department ... I'm happy to report that so many of you responded to the challenge at the end of last Sunday's service to contribute at least $29.95 for each person in your family to our Impact Partner Fund. As a result, we collected a total of $7,618, all of which will go to support the great work of our partners who do good in our local community in ways that we, as a church, cannot.

If you missed the service and/or you don't know what an Impact Partner is, click here to see the video from Sunday. You can still make a donation to the cause by clicking here. You can login to your account or choose to do a one-time "quick give" then select Impact Partner Fund from the dropdown list.

Again, I hope you'll be present Sunday or watching online. Not to be overly dramatic, but I feel a very strong impression from the Lord for this particular message.



*** Last Sunday Stats ***

09:30  352
11:00  385
Total   737
Ministry & Operations Fund
Offering  $33,014
Goal       $23,000
YTD     $985,584
Goal    $978,500
Status     $7,084

Rick McGinniss