11-26-17 @North Heartland: The "I"s Have It

Dear Family and Friends of North Heartland,

I hope you had a joyous and - most importantly - thankful Thanksgiving! 

This Sunday we close out our Maximizing Your Personality series with a look at The Life of the Party "I" type. We've got some great music and video lined up plus Shannon Horn will be delivering the message. (If you don't know it already, Shannon is definitely an "I" so this ought to be interesting ... and fun).

As I mentioned in last week's email, next Sunday - December 3rd - we'll begin a mega-series called This is Jesus. If you've been wondering if I'm ever going to speak again, rest assured. I'll be doing all the messages in this series. :)

If you've wondered why I haven't been speaking, the reason is this: with the emotional and logistical burdens associated with my mom's passing, I simply "hit the wall" in terms of creative energy. Putting together a message is a lot of work intellectually, emotionally and spiritually and, frankly, I just didn't have it. Thankfully, Kitti, Ladell and Shannon were willing and able to step in and do a fine job!

With today being "Black Friday" I want to take this opportunity to remind you of our association with the Amazon Smile program. In addition, as you do your holiday shopping remember to add Jesus to your Christmas list by gifting to someone who you do not know and who can not repay you. You can do that through a donation to the NHCC HOPE fund by clicking here.

Finally, even though I'm not doing the message Sunday, I do have something to share with everyone at the end of the service in the "closing comments" so I hope to see you there!


P.S. Our office is closed today and will reopen Monday.

*** Stats from Sunday ***

09:30    339
11:00    320
Total      659
Ministry & Operations Fund
Offering    $57,233
Goal         $26,000
YTD       $1,216,221
Goal    $1,196,500
Status      +$19,721

Rick McGinniss