I'm posting this week's @North Heartland early because of all that's happening here this week and also to ask you to say a prayer right now. Pray that the Father would use our efforts to glorify His Son, Jesus and that He would give our amazing team of staff and volunteers peace, joy and energy as we carry out these activities.

First up is Celebration of Christmas tonight, tomorrow and Thursday night. At this point, we've sold 850 tickets across the three nights which is great! We still have room for last minute additions, too.

Then, this Sunday is Christmas Eve. We'll will NOT be having services in the evening. Instead, we'll meet at the normal Sunday times of 9:30 and 11. However, the services WILL be "Christmas Eve" type experiences complete with carols, candles, and communion. 

A few other things to note concerning Sunday:

  • Adventureland and Student Ministry will NOT be running but we WILL provide free childcare for infants through Kindergarten. 
  • You might want to arrive earlier than normal as we expect it to be crowded. 
  • If you are not a big football fan you might want to come to at 11 if you have an option as we expect those folks to crowd into the 9:30 service.
  • The weather forecast has included mentions of the S-word so just a reminder that we don't cancel services for winter weather unless the governor or mayor or some authority issues a no-travel ban. 

Finally, our Pastoral Leadership Team and lay Advisory Council recommends the appointment of Dot Beckham and Jeremiah Shuler to replace Advisory Council members Warren Wade and Nancy McCullough who have provided invaluable service in this role for many years. The Council is obviously very much a behind-the-scenes operation but I rely on that group so much for wisdom and feedback, and both Nancy and Warren have been extremely helpful to me. So a big THANK-YOU to both of them.

As for Jeremiah and Dot, if you would like to comment on either of them as appointees (as per our appointment process guidelines), you can do so through January 7th. Just email me directly at pastor@northheartland.org.

Merry Christmas!


*** Stats from last Sunday ***


09:30    304

11:00     411

Total      715

Ministry & Operations Fund

Offering    $42,814

Goal        $28,000

YTD      $1,331,303

Goal   $1,306,500

Status       $24,803

Rick McGinniss