12-10 @North Heartland: "This is Jesus: Man or Myth?"

Howdy family and friends of NHCC!

Just a few things to pass on to you on this bright but chilly afternoon ...

Last Sunday we kicked off our This Is Jesus mega-series with the message Can a Virgin Conceive? in which we discovered the reasons why it's reasonable to believe that a Supreme Being (of some kind) must exist. This matters because, according to the biblical story, Jesus of Nazareth was the product of a miraculous act of a God in the womb of his mother Mary ... and if God doesn't exist, then the whole thing is bogus. If you missed the message, you can check it out here. (Note: all of the videos I showed are included).

This Sunday's message Man or Myth? explores why anyone should believe that Jesus existed. After all, according to the critics, the writings about Him were made up by the Church Fathers in order to maintain their powerful position over the (superstitious and gullible) people of their day. Again, this is a pretty important issue. If we can't trust that the New Testament is the record of what actually happened in history, then we're just fooling ourselves and we should all find something better to do on Sundays.

Second thing on my list today ... our third annual Celebration of Christmas is less than two weeks away! Ticket sales are picking up so you'd better get yours soon (click here). Just a reminder - the reason we sell tickets (@ $5 each) is to ensure that we have enough seating available for each show (which is really important if you are bringing a large group). In addition, we don't make anything on ticket sales. All of it goes directly to our Impact Partner Something to Eat

(If you need special seating accommodations, please contact lynda@northheartland.org.  You can also purchase tickets at the table in the Commons on Sunday).

Finally, with only a little over two weeks until Christmas, there's not much time left to contribute to our Christmas Blessing project. At this point, while we've committed to distribute $11,400 to those in our congregation and circle of influence who are in need, we've only received $3,000 in donations. Based on our history, I have no doubt that we'll be able to meet this challenge but, again, time is growing short so click here to give (or do it Sunday). Think of it as a Christmas gift to Jesus (who said "when you give even to the least of my brothers and sisters, you've given to me"). After all, Christmas is His birthday ... not ours. 😃

That's all for now. See you Sunday!


P.S. The attendance number below includes quite a few first-time guests who came because they received one of the 19,000 mailed invitations to our This Is Jesus series. Those same 19,000 homes will be receiving invites to Celebration of Christmas this weekend!

09:30    404
11:00    398
Total    802
Ministry & Operations Fund
Offering    $25,283
Goal    $28,000
YTD    $1,263,626
Goal    $1,250,500
Status    $13,126

Rick McGinniss