01-22-17 @North Heartland: "Ice Storm" Free Sunday

Published Date : January 20, 2017
Author : Rick McGinniss

Hey NHCCers,

I have several things to share with you today …

First of all, between the calendar (the first Sunday of January was New Year’s Day) and the weather (last Sunday’s “ice storm”), we’re running a good bit behind on weekly offerings. If NHCC is your church and you haven’t been able to give as you normally do, we certainly would appreciate it if you could “catch up.” You can do that during the offering this Sunday or you can give immediately via our website or app. While there, you might also consider setting up a recurring donation. This is how Jetta and I give. We have set it up so that two equal donations come out of our checking account, one on the first and the other on the 15th.

This Sunday we’ll be continuing in our series, The Peacemaker. My topic is Give a Peace of Your Mind – a look at the mindset of someone who is able to bring peace to individuals and circumstances. I’m looking forward to this message because I think it is key to reducing some of the conflict that seems to characterize our entire culture as well as our personal relationships.

Finally, we are in the process of adding a new member to the NHCC Advisory Council to replace Phil Wilt, who is coming to the end of his term next month. (Actually, Phil has served far beyond his term, a fact for which I am exceedingly grateful). Our goal is to have a new member interviewed, qualified and in place no later than March 14th. To accomplish that, we need nominations from members of NHCC.

I’ve listed the duties of the council and also the qualifications of its members in the postscript of this email. If you know anyone who might enjoy being part of the council as described in point one and you believe they may meet the qualifications spelled out in point two – especially the second list – please reply to this email and let me know.

Hope to see you Sunday!


NHCC Advisory Council Summary

1. What does the Advisory Council do?

The Council enhances and empowers the leadership of the church by coming alongside the senior pastor for the following purposes:

Advise – provide feedback and recommendations to the senior pastor concerning the ministry and leadership of the church.

Protect – guard the congregation from out-of-control pastoral leadership (fire and hire senior pastors when necessary) that would damage the people and reputation of NHCC; guard the pastors from out-of-control members of the church who would damage the morale and reputation of the pastors.

Give Consent – serve as corporate officers, approve the annual budget, sign off on major changes in strategy and major initiatives (eg, capital campaigns).

Note that the Council is not responsible for designing ministry strategy and programs. The Council provides evaluation and accountability for the leadership coming from the pastoral staff.  NHCC is “staff directed; council protected.”

To carry out this role, the Council meets one evening each month (usually for about three hours) to discuss the status of the church. Areas of discussion typically include finances, staff, attenders who need help, programs and strategies. In addition, other meetings may be called as needed.

In addition, council members are sometimes asked to assist in special situations requiring church authority (conflict resolution between church members, corporate resolutions and legalities, church membership interviews and termination) as well as serving communion and other church functions in which the pastors need assistance.

2. What are the qualifications of Advisory Council members?

Basically, Advisory Council members must have a commitment level to Christ and NHCC equivalent to what we expect of paid ministry staff members. Specifically, a member of the council …

a.    Must be a sincere and growing Christian.
b.    Must love Jesus and North Heartland: its pastors, people and purpose.
c.    Must be a formal member of NHCC (having completed the “Introduction to NHCC” class and the signup process) with a deep understanding of and commitment to not only the vision of the church but also the values of the church (how we desire to do life together as a body of believers).
d.    Must be fully engaged in the life of NHCC (attendance, regular and proportional-to-income giving, serving, etc)
e.    Must have been attending NHCC for at least three years.
f.    Cannot be related to a member of the church staff.

In addition, Council members must be able to:

a.    Engage in constructive dialogue with each other and the senior pastor concerning the issues facing NHCC. We don’t need “yes men” (or women). However, we also don’t need crusaders with an agenda to “fix the church.” Council members must be able to raise issues of concern without becoming adversarial to each other and the senior pastor. (i.e. to “speak the truth in love”)
b.    Maintain confidentiality. From time to time, sensitive issues concerning staff and attenders of NHCC arise. These cannot be discussed even with spouses.
c.    Bear the emotional load without becoming negative and discouraged. Overseeing a spiritually-oriented not-for-profit volunteer-dependent organization is one of the most difficult tasks there is.
d.    Bring water to fires instead of gasoline.
e.    Approach the task with joy and energy.

Because of the weight of responsibility borne by the council, members are asked to serve from five to seven years.

3. What is the process of appointment?

a.    Congregation submits nominations.
b.    Council and pastors pre-qualify nominees based on qualities listed above. Those who are nominated but do not meet the qualifications (for example, not a member or not serving or financially contributing) will not be considered beyond this step. In addition, the Council typically takes into consideration the need to reflect the age, gender and marital demographics of the congregation within its makeup.
c.    Council interviews remaining nominees and recommends appointment(s).
d.    Congregation is given the opportunity to express approval or disapproval of the candidate(s).
e.    New council members are appointed and announced.

Ladell Thomason