01-15-17 @North Heartland: Peace & (Overhyped) Icemaggedon

Published Date: January 13, 2017
Author: Rick McGinniss

Good morning dear family and friends of North Heartland,

Well, here we are once again with warnings of an impending winter weather disaster of epic proportions that promises to wipe out power, travel and grocery store shelves for days on end. Last night I stopped at my local Hen House to pick up some ground beef to make chili for Sunday afternoon’s game and it was all gone. How do you cook ground beef if the power is out?!

Yet, as I type, the sun is still poking through the clouds, there is little to no precip on the radar to our south and the latest computer models show – wait for it – no freezing rain in our area whatsoever today and most of tomorrow. In fact, the most accurate short range model is showing only a brief period of ice from 6am-9am Sunday with accumulations of a little over a tenth of an inch and temps going above freezing by 10am. (Sorry if I am boring you with details – my first undergraduate pursuit back in the day was meteorology and I remain a weather geek to this day).

Could it still turn out to be a huge icy mess? Yes, it’s possible. But this is why many years ago we decided that our winter weather policy at North Heartland would be to never cancel Sunday morning services. Way too much advance hype almost always meets the meteorological reality of living in the Central Plains: we just don’t get that much debilitating snow and ice here (a fact which I must admit pains me as I miss the East Coast nor’easters which would dump greater than a foot of snow at least once a year).

All this to say … “yes, Virginia, there will be church Sunday morning at NHCC regardless of the weather, even if it is just me, a Bible and a bongo drum.” In fact, if it turns out to be worse than it looks right now, I will head to the building Saturday evening and spend the night. If you show up Sunday morning, I will show up, too.

With that said … if you feel that traveling is too difficult or dangerous on Sunday morning, please stay home and catch the service on the livestream which is available through our app and website.

But don’t make it a habit. 🙂

As for the service Sunday, we’ll be continuing in our series, The Peacemaker, with a message that, ironically, is a timely topic given the anxiety over the weather. I’m calling it The Peace Core. (And I do mean “core” not “corps”). If we are going to be peacemakers in our world, we ourselves must have an internal peace – at the core – that is not easily shaken. Where does that come from? How do we grow and develop that core?

That’s what I’ll be talking about and I’m looking forward to it with great anticipation as I believe it will be very helpful for many of us.

Finally, I have some very sad news to pass along. Last Sunday, one of Jennifer and Casey Powers’ sons, Ryan, passed away unexpectedly. Jennifer is a long-time member of NHCC and has been an indispensable part of our administrative staff for many years. We’ll be doing the funeral for Ryan at 2pm tomorrow in the NHCC auditorium. If you know Jennifer and/or Casey, you are welcome to attend and support them in this difficult time.



Ladell Thomason