02-12-17 @North Heartland: "The Revenant"

Published Date: February 8, 2017
Author: Rick McGinniss

Good evening NHCCers,

As I promised yesterday, I’m sending you a little more background on Sunday’s movie, The Revenant, (which it is rated “R” for violence and language) because I wanted you to know a little bit about the process behind this choice.

As I prepared for this series, I ended up watching 22 movies, each of which came out from the end of 2015 through late fall 2016 and are currently available on disc or streaming. All were either box office hits and/or highly regarded by critics and moviegoers on www.rottentomatoes.com.

One of the highest rated was The Revenant which was nominated for 12 Academy Awards, winning three including Best Actor, Best Cinematography and Best Director. Because I had heard so much about the blood and gore it was literally the 22nd movie I watched! To my surprise, I liked it very much though I didn’t care too much for the language issues (which we will edit out on Sunday). To my even greater surprise, the movie, which is based on the true story of 19th century woodsman Hugh Glass, amazingly illustrates several key Christian principles and will be a great introduction to what follows in the rest of the series.

Though it’s not necessary to watch the movie in advance since I will be showing clips in the message, it certainly will make it more interesting. Unfortunately, The Revenant is not as widely available as the other movies we’ll be looking at but I’ve been informed that, in addition to the options I listed yesterday, Mid-Continent Public Library has quite a few copies of the DVD. It is also showing on HBO at 11:20 pm tonight so, if you have that service, you could record it.

Finally, I’m looking forward with great anticipation to this weekend and the entire series. It truly is a wonderful opportunity to speak to the people of this culture (especially those who do not attend church) using one of the greatest mediums of this culture – the movies!


P.S. As you might expect, Sunday’s service carries a PG-13 warning as some of the scenes may be too intense for children.

Ladell Thomason