02-26-17 @North Heartland: Hail Caesar! (and link to Arrival message)

Published Date: February 21, 2017
Author: Rick McGinniss

Hey NHCC Family and Friends,

As promised, here is your Tuesday update on our “At the Movies” series so that those of you who missed the previous week’s message can watch. Click here to see our take on how the recent 2016 blockbuster, Arrival, illustrates … well, you’ll just have to watch to see what it illustrates! (Copyright restrictions require that we limit access to our internal communications channels instead of posting to our app or website).

As for this Sunday, we’ll be looking at a movie that is not nearly as intense as the first two. Instead, Hail Caesar! is actually a bit of a satirical/comedic spoof of 1950s Hollywood andhow movies were made. In the words of one reviewer, “The more 1950s movies a person has seen and the greater their love for Hollywood of 60+ years ago, the greater their appreciation will be of what Joel and Ethan have brought to the screen.”

I would have to agree with that assessment, however I would also add that what makes the movie great (in my opinion) is that it was written and produced by the Coen brothers, Joel and Ethan, who also made True Grit, O Brother Where Art Thou?, No Country for Old Men and The Big Lebowski just to name a few of their many hits. (They also had a hand in writing the fifth movie in our series, Bridge of Spies, though it was directed by Steven Spielberg). One of the great things about Coen Brothers’ films is that there is almost always a story you “see” and a story you don’t see which makes their movies such great candidates for use in “At the Movies.” So, if you watch the movie in advance, my challenge to you is to look for the hidden story. 🙂

The DVD/Blu-Ray is widely available at local RedBox outlets, plus it’s accessible through all of the online services (free for DirectTV and HBO Go subscribers) so, if you haven’t seen it yet, you still have time.

See you Sunday!


Ladell Thomason