03-05-17 @North Heartland: Zootopia (and link to Hail Caesar)

Hey NHCC Family and Friends,

Here is your Tuesday update on our "At the Movies" series so that those of you who missed last Sunday's message can watch. (Copyright restrictions require that we limit access to our internal communications channels instead of posting to our app or website). Click here to watch me attempt to pull a rabbit out of a hat on Hail Caesar!, which surprisingly turned out to be one of the more challenging films I've ever used in a movie series.

As for this Sunday, we'll be looking at a movie that is probably destined to be a Disney/Pixar classic, Zootopia. I suspect this flick will be a tad bit easier to follow than the last two. :) The DVD/Blu-Ray is widely available at local RedBox outlets, plus it's available through all of the online services (free for DirectTV and HBO Go subscribers) so, if you haven't seen it yet, you still have time.

Before I let you go, I am very pleased to inform you that our Pastors and lay Advisory Council have approved two nominees to fill the vacancies created as the terms of two longstanding members, Phil Wilt and Crisanne Randazzo, have come to an end. A huge THANK YOU and a round of applause for both!

Kyle Hurst and Ryan Waggener have both agreed to accept a seven-year term to serve in this volunteer capacity. I'm excited about both of these men joining the team because they and their families have not only been involved in serving and supporting NHCC in recent years, they have also grown up in Christ because of NHCC. 

In keeping with our bylaws, a candidate cannot be formally appointed to the Advisory Council until a brief period of time in which the congregation may comment on their selection. So, here's your opportunity to give us feedback you may have. Speak now (well, actually, just hit "reply" sometime in the next week or so) or forever (well, actually, just for seven years) hold your peace. 

See you Sunday!


Ladell Thomason