04-02-17 @North Heartland: The BUT You Need to Lose

Good morning NHCCers,

Not trying to get too personal with that subject line/message title but, truth is, we all have a BUT we need to lose - and some more than others. I'm looking forward to talking with you about it in this Sunday's message ... plus we've got some great drama and music to set it all up ... plus some excellent worship music. So, don't let the rain that's coming Sunday morning keep you from getting your BUT in church. It will be well worth your time. In fact, there's no better way to spend an hour on Sunday!

A couple other things to note ...

As I mentioned last week, each Sunday's message is now available via podcast. Get your favorite app (Itunes or Play store) and subscribe to "North Heartland Community Church" and every week your app's inbox will be populated with the latest and greatest message. Note that you can still go to our website or church app and access it via the media tab. In fact, if you missed last week's message or just want to listen to, watch or read it again, you can click right here. (Note that the audio and video also contain the drama that happened just before the message).

If you do a lot of purchasing via Amazon, you might be interested to know that NHCC is now part of the Amazon Smile program. Whenever you shop the site (via smile.amazon.com), a half of a percent of the value of your purchases will be donated to NHCC, assuming you sign up and designate the church as the recipient. There is no cost to you and you don't get spammed with additional emails from Amazon. To get more info on the program and to sign up, click here. Note that purchases that are not made using an internet browser (for instance, using the Amazon Shopping App, Kindle Store, FireTV, Amazon Dash, or Amazon Echo) are not part of the program. 

Finally, there are only three Sundays left before the end of our Guest Experience Project! To this point, we've raised about $9K of our $44K goal which means we have funded just the first two items on the wish list. For more info on the project (and the wish list), click here. To donate to the project right now, click here and choose "Guest Experience Project" from the dropdown list, or you can write a check on Sunday with "Guest Experience Project" in the memo line and drop it in the offering.

That's all for now. Remember to get your BUT in church this Sunday. :)


Ladell Thomason