04-09-17 @North Heartland: The BUT That's Hard to Believe

Hey NHCCers,

We're on the backstretch of our series, Big BUTS of the Bible, with message number four of five happening this Sunday: The "But" That's Hard to Believe. I appreciate all the positive feedback I've received about this series to date and I'm fairly certain that this week's service and message will have a greater impact than any of them so far. You seriously don't want to miss it!

Actually, Sunday also marks the beginning of what Christians have traditionally called Holy Week - the final days of Jesus' ministry before His crucifixion and resurrection - and you seriously don't want to miss out on any of what we have planned for the week. 

First up is our annual Tenebrae Service next Wednesday from 7-8pm. "Tenebrae" is a Latin word meaning "shadows" so the idea is to use music, scripture, communion and art to recreate the spiritual and emotional aspects of Jesus carrying our sins to the cross. As the service progresses, the room and the mood grows darker and more somber to draw us into the memory of His betrayal, abandonment and suffering.

Honestly, it's not the most pleasant service we do at NHCC, but sin - and the price Jesus paid for our forgiveness - isn't pleasant either. That's why, as Christians, it is good and healthy for us to take time to personally reflect on that price before we celebrate the victory of resurrection on Easter Sunday. In fact, every time we do this service, we hear people saying that it is one the most moving services they ever attend. So, my invitation and challenge to you (again, if you're a Christian) is to make this night part of your Holy Week schedule. 

To make it easier for those with children (and this service is probably not the most child-friendly), childcare for children up to 5th grade is provided free of charge. If possible, please reserve a spot in advance by e-mailing Nichole@northheartland.org.

In addition to the Tenebrae Service, we'll also have the building open from 6-8:30 pm Thursday and 9:00-noon Friday for anyone who wishes to pray and reflect on the art display that commemorates Jesus walk to the cross. (No childcare for this).

Then, at last, it will be Easter Sunday where we'll talk about The "But" That Changes Everything. We planned this service several weeks ago and I've got to tell you that I'm pumped about what we came up with! It's going to be great - and a great time to invite folks who do not attend church and/or are not believers. (More on that next week).

Finally, we're making good progress on our Guest Experience Project goal. As of today, we have received about $18K towards our goal of $44K with a little over a week remaining. The "campaign" ends on Easter Sunday which means time is growing short.

If you're a "last minute" person like me, you hear about something like this project and you think, "I really want to do that" ... and it goes on your to-do list ... where it sits ... until that last minute. So, this is your heads up that it's almost here!

You can donate online right now (click here and select "Guest Experience Project" from the dropdown list) or you can drop a check in the offering basket at church this Sunday (mark it "Guest Experience Project"). 

See you Sunday!


Ladell Thomason