09-25-16 @North Heartland: Random Acts of Senseless Kindness

Published Date: September 23, 2016
Author: Rick McGinniss

“Random Acts of Senseless Kindness” … that’s the title of this Sunday’s message as we continue in our Shine Through Goodness series. Last Sunday, we kicked things off with “Making the Best of Babylon” (click here to listen to, watch or read the message if you missed it).

I think that message may be even more applicable after what we’ve seen in Charlotte, NC this week. (How many times have I typed something like that last sentence in recent days?) Once again, we see a vivid illustration of how much this world needs followers of Jesus to be light in the darkness. Our country is in trouble, friends, and I’m not talking about politics or the economy. We need a spiritual revolution and it will begin only as believers become more generous, gracious, God-centered, gospel-driven and … a force for good.

Last week, we defined goodness as “energized faith” expressing itself in acts of love and service for the benefit of others. This Sunday we’ll talk about how that plays out in the life of individual Christians and I have to say … you do not want to miss church this week! (or next, when we talk about how goodness plays out in what we do collectively as a church).

By the way, one of those “collective goodness” efforts is just around the corner. A week from today, next Friday September 30th, is our annual North Heartland Charity Golf Tournament, which benefits One-by-One and Restoration House, two incredible non-profit organizations which are devoted to rescuing and restoring victims of sex trafficking in our area. Sad to say, but KC is a “hot spot” for this kind of thing since teenage girls and young women can be lured, captured and quickly “shipped” from here to all over the country (because we’re located at the prime national intersection of I-35 and I-70). Last year, our tournament raised enough money for Restoration House to hire a part-time staff member!

I know that we have a lot of golfers at NHCC so, if you are among those who love – and sometimes hate 🙂 – the game like I do, I am challenging you to come and join me next Friday at Tiffany Greens for a great cause. The cost is $90 which includes all the contests, food, prizes, etc. Check in and lunch is at noon. The four-person scramble begins at 1pm. Currently, we have 13 teams but we’d like to have at least 18.

You can contact Shannon Horn (shannon@northheartland.org) for more information. She’ll help you sign up or you can go directly to our sign up link here. If you’re a single golfer, we’ll pair you up so don’t let that deter you. Also, if you don’t play golf but would like to be a sponsor, you can do that as well by contacting Shannon.

Thanks for reading. See you Sunday at services or on the livestream!


Ladell Thomason