11-13-16 @North Heartland: Political Dream or Nightmare?

Published Date: November 9, 2016
Author: Rick McGinniss

“A dream come true for millions of Americans; a nightmare for millions of others.”

That’s how that one commentator described the results of the most divisive Presidential Election season in modern history. A quick perusal of Twitter and Facebook postings confirms the accuracy of his assessment. Many of the people I know are rejoicing while others are fearful, angry, and sad.

I’ve been reflecting on this all day and as I’ve listened to and read the words of folks who are feeling vindicated or feeling demoralized, I have felt unusually emotional – even to the point of tears several times.

If you’ve been around NHCC for any length of time, you’re probably aware that when this kind of thing happens to me it usually means that God is leading me to speak to the situation. So, that is what I plan to do this Sunday. Whether you’re rejoicing or weeping over the results of this election, I think God has given me something to say that will be of value to you personally and will also contribute in some small way to the healing that must take place in our culture. For that reason, I also think this Sunday would be a great day to invite a friend or family member, especially if they were emotionally invested in the election process.



Ladell Thomason