12-11-16@North Heartland: Fa-la-la-la Family

Published Date: December 9, 2016
Author: Rick-McGinniss


The winter season has finally made its appearance, which means that Christmas isn’t far behind! So, this weekly note is jam-packed with North Heartland Christmas goodies, beginning with this Sunday as we continue in our Christmas Perspective series. (If you missed last week’s message Why Bother? you can click here to watch, listen to or read it).

This week we’re going to be talking about the unique family dynamics that often take place at Christmas as people gather (it’s interesting that the first Christmas was also a family gathering of sorts – I’ll explain how so on Sunday). I’m calling the message Fa-la-la-la Family because what everyone expects and hopes for when we get together is a warm and cheery scene from a Hallmark movie but what we often get is something out of Christmas Vacation (as Clarke Griswold’s family comes to visit.) It’s going to be a fun and interesting service and message but I have to say that there are some unexpected challenges taking place right now in my own family that make this talk a bit more personal than I was expecting. I’ll probably say a bit more about that in the message.

The other really big thing happening at NHCC right now is all the work being done behind the scenes for our Second Annual Celebration of Christmas. We’re putting so much effort into this project for one simple reason: to serve the non-church-going people in our community with a high-quality holiday event that lets them experience NHCC and hear the good news about Jesus in a fun and comfortable way.

Obviously, lots of things go into making that possible – especially the many NHCCers who have volunteered to serve in pulling it off. But the most important factor of all is the personal invitation that we offer to our friends, family members, co-workers and neighbors who are not currently attending church.

Research shows that people who do not go to church are more open to an invitation at this time of the year than any other. And what we’re offering in Celebration of Christmas is something of a hybrid experience – a big helping of the fun “secular” traditions that everyone enjoys combined with a taste of the life-changing truth of the Gospel. Our hope is that these three nights will create a hunger and curiosity in our guests that will compel them to return in January.

If you need some help in wording an invitation, I invite you to consider using the wording below. Just copy and paste it an email then hit “send.”


My church, North Heartland Community Church (NHCC), has been hard at work creating an event that will help you celebrate the Christmas season while benefiting the hungry in Kansas City.

For three consecutive nights, Monday, December 19th through Wednesday, December 21st, NHCC will host A Celebration of Christmas. This event includes a “Winter Wonderland” experience from 6:15-7:15 pm which includes fun for all ages: Holiday photo opps (featuring characters from A Christmas Story, Polar Express, Elf, Grinch,); crafts cookies, cocoa and cider; plus special “guests” The Grinch, Anna and Elsa!

Then, at 7:15pm the doors will open for the show which begins at 7:30 and features great music of the season from our band, a visit from Santa, plus comedy, drama and much more!

Help feed the hungry in our town by reserving your $5 ticket to the night of your choosing. 100% of ticket sales go to Kansas City charity “Something to Eat.” Free childcare for children up to Pre-K is available and those children do not need a ticket, just reserve a spot when you purchase your ticket.

To purchase your ticket and reserve your seats, visit CelebrationofChristmasKC.com.

North Heartland is located at 4800 NW 88th Street, KC MO, 64154.

Hope to see you there!

<Your name>


Finally, speaking of volunteers to pull it off, we need 10 guys who can stay after the second service on Sunday. We need some help in moving equipment and platforms for the big rehearsal that happens that night.

That’s all for now, friends. Stay warm and I will see you Sunday!


Ladell Thomason