04-23-17 @North Heartland: The Great Prayer Mystery begins!

Hello good family and friends of NHCC,

Three things to share with you this afternoon ...

1. This Sunday we begin a brand new series which I think will be of great value: The Great Prayer Mystery.

The reason I think it will be valuable is that for many people (including those who have been Christians for a long time), prayer is a big mystery. Three questions define it:

What difference does it make? If God is all-powerful and knows everything that's going to happen already, then why even bother to pray? That's what we'll be talking about this Sunday.

What should we pray for? Most of us have an overflowing abundance in terms of money, materials and medicine, so it sometimes seems pointless to pray. What's left to pray for when those needs are already meet? That's next week's message.

How much prayer does it take to have an impact? Most people are "one and done" in the prayer department because it doesn't seem like "more of the same" matters. This is what we'll talk about in the third week.

2. If you're a guy and a Royals fan, a quick heads up that "Guys' Day at The K" is fast approaching!

Last year, we had over 50 gents young and old who went out to cheer on the Boys in Blue. This year's game is Friday May 5 - just two weeks from today! I'm planning to go and I hope you will join me. You MUST purchase a ticket by NEXT WEDNESDAY if you want to be part of the fun. You can do that by clicking here and signing up or you can do it at church Sunday. Cost is $40 and includes your ticket, bus transportation, and tailgate dinner.

3. A big THANKS to everyone who contributed to our Guest Experience project!

I'm thrilled that so many responded to this challenge. As a result of your generosity, we are able to do the first seven of the eight projects on our list:

1.    Check-in computers
2.    Improved interior signage
3.    Mother's Room updates
4.    "Phases Wall" for next generation
5.    Permanent built-in coat racks
6.    Painting of the entire Adventureland area
7.    Family bathroom remodel

The only item we've not yet fully funded is the in-ceiling sound system for the Commons and Cafe. We're only $3,500 short ... so if you were planning to contribute but didn't get around to it (or you just want to help us cross the finish line), you can still make a donation. Click here or stop by a giving kiosk Sunday.

See you then!


P.S. Check out our newly redesigned website!

Rick McGinniss