04-30-17 @North Heartland: The Great Prayer Mystery continues!

Good morning dear family and friends of NHCC,

It looks like a pretty dreary weekend ahead but regardless of how "down" the weather might be, I can guarantee that Sunday morning at church will be "up." That's because we're in week two of our series, The Great Prayer Mystery and I'm really looking forward to teaching this Sunday's message What Should We Ask For?

If you missed last Sunday's message What Difference Does It Make? you can watch or listen to it by clicking here. Also, don't forget that audio from all of our messages is available via Podcast. Just search for North Heartland Community Church on your app.

By the way, last Sunday I also introduced The Great One-Month Prayer Experiment which is a simple challenge to everyone who calls North Heartland "home" to pray for at least five minutes a day through Saturday May 27th just to see what happens. Each week in the series, I will give an assignment which expands the possibilities of what we can pray about and then, on Sunday May 28th we'll have an open mic time during the service to hear stories of how God has responded to our prayers. Should be a great day!
The assignment for this past week was pretty simple: just pray about praying. Talk to God about how you feel about prayer and your lack of faith and/or motivation or other hindrance. Then ask Him to increase those qualities in your life and help you to become a better pray-er. Click here to read more.

I will tell you that just doing this one thing has been a huge help for me personally. I have found myself actually praying a LOT more throughout the day. I have become much more aware that, “this is something I should probably talk to God about. This is something I could pray about.”

Anyway, in this Sunday's message, I'll give the second week's assignment for the experiment and we'll also post it on our Facebook page and website. 

One more thing I should mention about this Sunday's service: you definitely want to be in your seat at the very beginning of the service as our band will kick things off with a special treat from a well-known 80's classic rock band. 

Hope to see you then!


P.S. I'm going to start including weekly "stats" for those who are interested. As you can see, our attendance is really good but we're starting to fall significantly behind on our offerings. We have a cash reserve to help for these times but we are now just below the minimum level we want to have in it (which is about 6 weeks of offerings).

Stats from last Sunday

09:30  362
11:00   497
Total     859

Ministry & Operations Fund
Offering $19,687
Goal      $27,500
YTD        $357,439
Goal      $411,500
Status   -$54,061

Rick McGinniss