05-14-17 @North Heartland: Mother's Day & Baptism

Hey folks,

Just a couple of things on the reminder list from ye olde pastor this lovely afternoon ...

This Sunday's service: It's Mother's Day and, as is our custom at North Heartland, we'll take a moment to honor and pray over moms of all ages. In addition, we'll also remember and encourage those who have lost their moms as well as those women who have been unable to bear children, as this day is sometimes an all-too painful reminder of that.
In addition, my message is about saying "yes" to the first step of a journey with God. Appropriately, we'll end each service with baptism which, is always such an amazing and joyous time for us. I've prayed almost every day of the past two weeks that at least 30 people total will respond to the invitation to obey Jesus in this way. And I will continue pray that until Sunday ... which brings me to the second item on the list ...

The One-Month Prayer Experiment: as you probably know, last Sunday we concluded the series, The Great Prayer Mystery. (Click here if you missed it!) As part of that series, I have challenged everyone to pray for at least five minutes per day through Saturday May 26th.  This past Sunday I listed some additional things we might want to add to our list of prayer concerns, plus suggested fasting from food (or another activity) at least one day (or part of a day) each week for one specific concern on your list.

For me personally, I did a food fast from after dinner Tuesday evening until a late dinner Wednesday evening. During that time, every time I thought about eating something, instead of reaching for something to put in my stomach, I said a very brief prayer about Sunday's baptism (see above) along with one other pressing concern. Honestly, it wasn't too difficult until the final three hours, plus it really did drive me to pray a LOT more. I hope you'll give it a try at some point between now and the 26th! (Click here for more info on the "experiment.")

Well, that's about it for today. If you are not in town Sunday, make sure you go to church SOMEWHERE or watch the livestream of the service on our app or website. All over the world, there are followers of Jesus who are risking their very lives to go to church and we get to do it freely. Let's honor their courage and sacrifice (to say nothing of honoring God!) by showing up, too, as a sign of solidarity.

Peace everyone,


Stats from last Sunday ...


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Total    706

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Rick McGinniss