08-15-16 @North Heartland: Sundays are great!

08-15-16 @North Heartland: Sundays are great!

Published Date: August 12, 2016
Author: Rick McGinniss

If you were here last Sunday, you know what a meaningful and moving service we had. Shine: The Next Generation we called it, and in our time together we focused on the babies, kids and students who make up the next generation as well as those who are responsible for guiding them – parents, teachers and student ministry workers. Kudos to Shannon Horn for a great job in leading us in what is sure to become an annual tradition!

I’m so excited about this Sunday because we begin the fourth of five series on being the light to the world that Jesus has called His followers to be. The series is called Shine Through Gospel-Drivenness which, I’ll admit, is somewhat of an awkward title, as the idea of being “driven by the Gospel” isn’t something that typically comes up in casual conversation. However, it is a key characteristic of those who are able go beyond merely “being a good person” (which is certainly a worthy goal in this culture) to being someone who actually makes it possible for others to consider and receive the life God offers in Christ … or, to use the metaphor of the series, to go beyond seeing our light to experiencing that light for themselves.

Of course, to be a Gospel-driven person requires that we know and understand what the Gospel actually is … which is why my message this Sunday is called “What’s So Good about the Good News?” It seems like a pretty simple idea but you would be surprised how many people don’t understand what the good news actually is!

So, I’m certain that this Sunday will be another great day and that you will be informed and encouraged by spending an hour with us. If you can’t make it you can watch the service live through our app or website or check out the message when we post it up late Sunday afternoon. And remember, our service times have changed to 9:30 and 11:00.

See you then!


Amy Laws