06-13-16 @North Heartland: When Values Clash

Published Date: June 10, 2016
Author: Rick McGinniss

“When Values Clash” is the title of this Sunday’s message as we continue in our SHINE Through Graciousness series. I’m really looking forward to this service because we have some great music and worship planned but also because many of us who are followers of Jesus are often in that position these days: our values clash with the values accepted and promoted by this culture. Sometimes it’s challenging to be gracious to those with whom we disagree on these things, even if they are close friends or family.

Ironically – or Providentially, depending on your point of view – just as I was about to give last Sunday’s message “Stuck in the Middle” in which I defined graciousness as “the unconditional predisposition to treat them (people who I don’t like and/or who don’t like me) better than I think they deserve to be treated” (click here if you missed it), I had a stinging and very personal reminder of just how hard it is to be gracious. I’ll tell you more about it this Sunday but, bottom line, I failed so spectacularly at graciousness that it took my breath away! If I could have crawled into a hole and hidden, I would have. Unfortunately, I couldn’t because 20 minutes later I had to give a message … on graciousness. Talk about feeling like a hypocrite!

Thankfully, we have a God who is gracious – and awareness of our sin actually serves to remind us of that. And it’s His grace to us that empowers us to be gracious to others but, wow, sometimes it’s a hard lesson to learn. But it’s worth it because not only does it change us, it also helps us to SHINE as lights in an increasingly mean-spirited world.

Ok, that’s all for now. Stay cool this weekend and I’ll see you Sunday morning!

Amy Laws