05-07-17 @North Heartland: The Great Prayer Mystery concludes

Good beautiful afternoon dear family and friends of North Heartland!

This Sunday we'll conclude our series The Great Prayer Mystery. I have to tell you that I feel like what's been accomplished to this point is only a mere drop in the bucket of what could be taught and learned about prayer! However, as I have said each week, the purpose of this series is not just to learn; it's also to do - specifically, to put into practice what we are learning by praying at least five minutes a day for one month. 

So, even though the series will end this Sunday with the message Are We Done Yet? (what to do when prayer doesn't seem to work), the One-Month Prayer Experiment will continue behind the scenes through Saturday May 27th. Then, in our services the next day, we'll all have an opportunity to share the "results" of our experience through an "open mic" time. Specifically, we'll want to know things like:

  • What have you been praying about?
  • Has God answered any of your prayers? 
  • How has praying more consistently changed you?

We've done an "open mic" on the Sunday between Christmas and New Years Day for the past few years and, every time, I am blown away by the stories of how God is working in the lives of our folks. I expect nothing less at this service. In fact, as part of my daily prayers, I'm asking for the same thing to happen again. So look out. :)

By the way, I'm also praying that at least 30 people in total will respond to the call to be baptized at our services a week from this Sunday (which is also Mother's Day). We know that more than a few folks have accepted Christ in recent months, plus there are many others at NHCC who accepted Him long before that who have never been baptized of their own volition.  So ... feel free to join me in that prayer. (We typically have about 15-20 so I wanted to ask God for something bigger this time!)

Ok , that's all for now ... hope to see you Sunday! And if you're out of town, be sure to watch via livestream or go to church somewhere. :)


Stats from last Sunday ...


09:30 346
11:00   508
Total   854

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Offering   $80,833 (that's not a typo!)
Goal         $27,500
YTD         $438,272
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Rick McGinniss