06-21-17 @North Heartland: Miscellaneous Items

Hey family and friends of North Heartland,

I'm sending this week's communique a bit earlier than normal because I am taking a few days off at the end of this week. Just a few things to make sure you're aware of ...

First of all, if you tried to tune in to last week's service via the livestream, you know that it was not working. Seems that Microsoft's latest and greatest update to Windows 10 (the "Creator's update" - sounds almost biblical doesn't it?) decided it didn't want to play nice with the hardware on the computer that we use for streaming. It's fixed now so it should be working this Sunday. (If you want to watch, listen to or read last week's message, you can click here).

Speaking of this Sunday ... we continue in our Thinking Clearly series with the message "Leadership Begins With Me." This is also Father's Day so we'll have a special treat for all the dads. Make sure the fathers in your life are there!

If it's Father's Day, that means that the annual NHCC Fireworks Project is just around the corner. This year our profits go to Care Portal (assists local families in need), Grain Valley Community Church (a new start) and our Teacher Supply Giveaway (which happens in late July). Our project greatly depends on dozens of volunteers who can donate one or more four-hour blocks of time from Sunday June 25 through the night of July 4th. If you're interested in knowing more about what jobs are available and/or signing up to help, click here.

Finally, I need to let you know that Michele Baker is moving on from her job with us as Director of Middle School ministry. Michele has held a variety of positions off and on with us over the past 15 years or so and we are thankful for her many contributions to our ministry. We wish her all the best in her future endeavors. 

As for the future of middle school ministry, we have a great team of volunteers who will keep the ball rolling as we consider our options going forward. We're beginning the process of looking at potential candidates so your prayers are much appreciated!

Have a great day!


Stats from Sunday

09:30 337
11:00     378
Total     715
Ministry & Operations Fund
Offering   $41,274
Goal        $27,000
YTD       $588,234
Goal       $611,000
Status    -$22,766

Rick McGinniss