06-04-17 @North Heartland: Lots of good stuff

Good morning dear family and friends of North Heartland,

Several items of interest to share with you this lovely day including a special email I received regarding our recent "prayer experiment" which I am sure will start your day out right. 

First of all, kudos to all of those who came to church or watched the live stream online last Sunday even though it was Memorial Day. We have so many wonderful freedoms in this country because of those who paid the ultimate price, and one of those freedoms - envied by many in this world - is the freedom to assemble for worship. I think it honors the fallen (and also the Lord) when we diligently exercise that right.

Second, our summer classes are about to begin. We're covering all kinds of topics this year that might be of interest to you. To learn more, click here.

Third, this Sunday we're beginning a new series called "Thinking Clearly: Getting your head straight on issues that affect your everyday life." My message is "Three Little Lies" - a look at three negative thoughts that far too many of us buy into. Actually, let me just give you the entire series plan:

June 04 Three Little Lies
Are these falsehoods ruining your life?

June 11 "I Want To … But Sometimes I Don't"
Are your failures impacting your relationship with God?

June 18 Leadership Begins with Me (Father’s Day)
Are you becoming God’s truest expression of yourself?

June 25 Making the Most of It
Ye Olde Pastor's reflections on his impending 60th birthday.

Speaking of Sunday services, this is also a good time to mention that our Director of Creative Arts, Nathan Reeves, has just begun a six-week sabbatical. Many years ago, we learned the wisdom of giving our ministry leadership staff an extended break to recharge and refocus on their relationship with Christ and why they are doing what they do. Nathan will return in mid-July. Until then, our team will be led by music assistant Richard Blair, arts assistant Maggie Reeves and a host of other highly-committed volunteers.

Finally, it was so great last Sunday to hear the "results" of the prayer experiment. (Click here to watch). One person who was unable to share publicly sent me an email with permission to share it anonymously. Here it is:

God has answered a huge prayer for us this past week. He blessed us with a healthy baby in 2010, but were unable to get pregnant for several years after the birth of our first child.  After 6 years of doctor visits, tests, surgery, and heartache, we would pray morning and night, asking God for a baby.

During your prayer series, we immediately began to change our prayer routine and mentality. Instead of asking for a baby, we began to thank Him for our future children. We picked up the book, The Circle Maker by Mark Batterson, after hearing your references to it during one of your messages. We began circling that prayer (my husband literally did this in his journal).

As of this past Thursday morning, we are overjoyed to share that we are pregnant! It has been quite a journey, but God has been with us the whole time. We know there is a reason we went through so much pain and difficulty with this part of our lives, but we also know that God, and our prayers, are the reason we are now pregnant.

Thank you for this series and the guidance you provided about prayer.  We are so thankful and blessed to be a part of this church! Please pray for our family and our precious baby that we have a safe and successful pregnancy.

I hope this email encourages you to keep on praying! As we learned in the series, The Great Prayer Mystery ... some things God wants to happen will not happen unless someone prays for them to happen.

Hope to see you Sunday!


Rick McGinniss