07-02 @North Heartland: Losing Our Religion begins

Good soggy Friday, NHCCers!

As we kick off this holiday weekend, I wanted to remind you that this Sunday we begin a a critical five-week series called Losing Our Religion. Despite the undeniable spiritual heritage of our country, more and more people (especially those 35 and under) are turning away from Christianity and the church.
Thus Sunday, we'll get an overview of the trends. Then, in the weeks that follow, we'll look at several specific criticisms. Here's the plan ...

Sunday The De-Christianization of America
How we got here, where we're headed and what it means.
July 09 Because It's Harmful & Repressive
Is Christianity truly bad for society?
July 16 Because It's Anti-Intellectual
Do you have to reject science to be a Christian?
July 23 Because It's Hypocritical
Since no “believer” truly lives it, why bother?
July 30 Because It's Untrue
What about all the crazy stuff in the Bible?

If you've ever wondered about all the shade being thrown in our direction as Christians - and if you’re concerned about the spiritual future of "Millennials" (and Generation-Z which follows them), you will not want to miss any of this series. Make every effort to be at services, watch online via livestream or catch the message later in the media section of our app or website.

In addition, if you have family, friends or co-workers who think that “religion is part of the problem" in our country, this is a great time to invite them. I give you my word that there will be no arm-twisting or talking down to those who are skeptical about Christianity - just a well-reasoned alternative way of looking at the criticisms.

See you Sunday!


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