04/10/16 @North Heartland: "Separation of Church & Hate" series continues

04/10/16 @North Heartland: "Separation of Church & Hate" series continues

Published Date: April 6, 2016
Author: Rick McGinniss

I thought I would get this out to you a bit earlier than usual given the subject nature of our current series Separation of Church & Hate. As you know if you read last week’s blog, we began the series last Sunday with the message What Matters Most. If you weren’t able to be here for it, I strongly encourage you to watch, listen to or read it before this coming Sunday. (You can do so by clicking here.)  As far as I know, no one left the church over what I said, but I suppose there is still time. 🙂 Actually, I was happy to hear so many positive comments about how helpful the message was.

This week we’ll continue the series with a message called Avoiding Election Infection which will address what is probably the top concern I have heard over and over about this election season: how can we keep the toxic political environment from not only poisoning us but also spilling over onto those around us?

If you have a friend or family member who is struggling with this issue, Sunday would be a great time to invite them.

Hope to see you then!


Here are the stats from last Sunday.

Attendance 778
Giving  $24,856
YTD   $308,751
Goal   $351,260

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