07-16 @North Heartland: Losing Our Religion ... Because It's Anti-Intellectual

Good morning family and friends of North Heartland,

The Losing Our Religion series continues this Sunday with the message Because It's Anti-Intellectual. If you've ever heard Christianity dismissed as something of a backwards superstition which ignores reason and logic and is therefore against science and progress, you'll definitely want to hear this message and share it with others. Plus, we've got some great music planned ... including one of my favorite country songs ever. 😃

We're only a couple of weeks away from our annual Teacher Giveaway. This year, we'll serve 1,000 teachers in the KC Metro by providing free school supplies donated by NHCCers and local businesses. This event takes place in our building all day on Thursday July 27th and we sure could use your help in any of the following ways!
1. If you would like to contribute supplies, these are high-need items. (NEW items only please):

24-count Crayola crayons
Dry erase markers (red, blue, green, black)
Black Sharpies (standard size)

You may also contribute cash and we will shop for you!  Drop off Sundays at the Giveaway table or during the week at the front receptionist's desk. 
2. We need gently loved books for all ages. 

We want to offer each teacher 3-5 books for classroom libraries. With 1000 teachers coming, that's a LOT of books!  Currently, we have about 25% of our informal goal of 5000 books. These books DO NOT need to be new, just in good condition. (Thrift stores are a great place to shop for them.)
3. We also need more volunteers to set-up, tear-down and staff shifts of the Giveaway.  You can sign up here
4. Finally, if you are a teacher (or know one) we are opening up more space in each session. 

We currently have 735 teachers signed up and the sessions filled quickly. Please use this link to check availability and sign up. 


That's all for now. Hope to see you Sunday but, if you're out of town, remember you can tune in at 9:30 or 11:30 via the livestream on our app and website!


Stats from last Sunday ...

09:30    281
11:00    343
Total     624
Ministry & Operations Fund
Offering    $28,829
Goal         $23,500
YTD       $690,690
Goal       $712,000
Status     -$21,310

Rick McGinniss