09-24 @North Heartland: Never Forget This One Thing

Hey there family and friends of North Heartland!

I only have time for a very quick note today ... We conclude our How to Build Something Great series this Sunday with a very special service designed to pull it all together. It's called Never Forget This One Thing and I promise: if you are in the process of building something in your life (and most of us are) whether it is a business or a marriage or a family or a team or a <whatever> ... you most definitely want to be present. This "one thing" is THE critical component to everything else we've talked about so far and it will make a huge difference in how you handle the tension associated with your efforts!

You also need to know that Sunday's service will be following a very different format from our typical flow, so it's critical that you be in the auditorium on time. So, set your alarm 10 minutes earlier than usual! 

Not only will this help you to more fully engage in what we're doing, it will also keep you from being a distraction to everyone else. Just sayin'!

See you then!


*** Last Sunday Stats ***


09:30    333
11:00    348
Total     681
Ministry & Operations Fund
Offering    $34,227
Goal         $23,000
YTD       $952,570
Goal      $955,500
Status      -$2,930

Rick McGinniss