09-10 @North Heartland: Walk Towards the Mess

Good day dear family and friends of NHCC,

Walk Towards the Mess is the title for this Sunday's message as we continue in our series How to Build Something Great. If you've been at church in recent weeks or watching/listening online, you know that we've been talking about six biblical principles (based on the six values of North Heartland) that help us move beyond mediocrity towards greatness in whatever it is we are building - a family, a business, a church and even our own life! 

I'm especially excited about this Sunday's message/principle/value because I have seen it transform interpersonal relationships again and again. In addition, this week's service will be fabulous as it features drama, awesome music and a time of communion. You really want to be there!

Unfortunately, the idea of "walking towards the mess" is an appropriate metaphor for what's happening these days in South Texas and likely about to happen all across Florida. I know there are many great ways to contribute to relief efforts in both places but if you would like to do so through organizations that also have a focus on spreading the Gospel, here are two that we are affiliated with as a church:

North American Mission Board Disaster Relief

Kansas City-based Care Portal (Global Orphan Project)

That's all for now, everyone. Hope to see you on Sunday!


*** Stats from last Sunday ***

09:30    322
11:00     334
Total     656
Ministry & Operations Fund
Offering    $27,171
Goal       $23,000
YTD       $883,737
Goal     $909,500
Status    -$25,763

Rick McGinniss