01-28-18 @North Heartland: "Who Really Wins"

Good afternoon North Heartlanders,

Our mini-series Dawn of a New Day (which is part II of our "This Is Jesus" mega-series) draws to a close this Sunday with the message Who Really Wins. Our world is constantly telling us what makes for "the good life" but Jesus not only questions it, He says there is a better way ... which is what we'll talk about.

On a personal note, I have to say that preparing for this mega-series has been such an eye-opening experience for me. I've lost track of the amount of time I've spent in the past three months studying the political, cultural and religious context of Jesus' life and teaching. The net result is a renewed sense of awe and wonder at how Jesus came at just the right time and how challenging and transformative He was - and still is.

We'll be looking at that in more detail in the next installment of "This Is Jesus" which I'm calling The Upside-Down Kingdom. That mini-series will begin on February 11th after a one-week break for Football Sunday (click here for more info on that).

Finally, just a reminder that the sign up for the Work as Worship one-day retreat @NHCC is right here. If you're a follower of Jesus, and you wonder how your everyday work life connects to your spiritual life, this experience will be a huge help.

Enjoy the rest of this beautiful day and I will see you Sunday!


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Rick McGinniss