11-04-18 @North Heartland: Speaking Up in a PC World

This weekend is one of the two Saturday nights most of us love and hate. We get an extra hour of sleep (love) but now it gets dark an hour earlier (hate).  Of course, the other Saturday night we love and hate is Daylight Savings Time but for the opposite reasons.

But the clock isn't the only time that's changing this weekend. We're also changing the time of our student ministry program, The Well. Starting this Sunday, middle and high school students will meet at 9:30 AM instead of 11. The purpose of this shift is to allow our students a greater opportunity to participate in attending "Big Church" or volunteering at 11. We're excited about the possibilities this time shift creates!

Also this Sunday, we'll be continuing in the series Outsiders. My message is Speaking Up in a PC World. As our culture becomes more hostile to Christianity, most of us are hesitant to engage in a wide-ranging defense of our faith. But what if it all came down to just one thing?

Finally, ladies, come check out the annual Cool to be Blue Boutique which runs from 9am-4 pm on Saturday. Concessions and a "small mall" for kids is run by North Heartland volunteers with proceeds going to support our Impact Partner Parkville Womens' Clinic. This is a fun event for a worthy cause!

That's all for now. Have a great weekend and I hope to see you Sunday - well-rested and ready to go!


***** Stats from Sunday *****


09:30    333
11:00    367
Total    700
LiveStream IPs    29
Ministry & Operations Fund

Offering    $29,192
Goal    $27,000
YTD    $1,133,008
Goal    $1,146,500
Status    -$13,492

Rick McGinniss