11-18-18 @NHCC: Standing by the Door

Good morning family and friends of North Heartland,

You'll be happy to know this week's @NHCC is a lot shorter than last week's. Just two items to make you aware of today:

1. Our Outsiders series comes to a conclusion this Sunday.

Over time, most churches tend to drift towards focusing primarily on the needs of members (i.e. "insiders"). That's why, from the very beginning, the leadership of North Heartland committed to be a "doorkeeper church."

This Sunday, I'll explain what that means and how that decision continues to guide us even today. More importantly, I'll explain why and how it can help you to reach the outsiders in your world.

2. This Sunday is also the final day to nominate someone to receive a "HOPEful Blessing" from our HOPE Fund.

For those receiving this blessing, NHCC will cover critical expenses such as rent, utilities and medical expenses.

If you know someone who can use this kind of assistance as the holidays approach, fill out the nomination form here or pick one up at the Info Center on Sunday and drop it at our front desk.

That's all for now. Have a great weekend and, as always, if it does snow Saturday night, we'll still be having church even if it's just me, a Bible and a bongo drum. Plus, our parking lots and sidewalks will be clear and safe.

See you then!


***** Stats from last Sunday *****

09:30    400
11:00    280
Total    680
LiveStream IPs    36

Ministry & Operations Fund
Offering    $33,644
Goal    $29,000
YTD    $1,211,790
Goal    $1,204,500
Status    $7,290

Rick McGinniss