12-16-18 @North Heartland: "Elf"

Good afternoon family and friends of North Heartland,

Another high attendance day last Sunday as we took on A Christmas Carol in week two of Christmas at the Movies. Again, a big "way to go" to those of you who invited friends and family who are "outsiders" to the faith. If you missed the service, you can see the message here for a limited time. Note that it is not available on our website or app because of copyright restriction.

Next up in our series is the hilarious Elf, featuring the goofiest actor ever, Will Ferrell. Even though this movie has a lot of laughs, it also provides a pretty deep spiritual analogy which I'm excited to share with you this Sunday.

If you want to see it in advance, you can rent the movie on Amazon for $3.99, or buy a digital copy for $8.99. The movie is also available for rent or purchase on iTunes, Vudu, Google Play, and YouTube. It's also playing at Barrywoods AMC Theater this evening and again tomorrow afternoon if the big screen is your preference.

Finally, to update you on our HOPEful Blessing project which helps out North Heartlanders who need assistance with rent, utilities, medical bills and the like, we've received $6,245 (which is up by about $4K over last week) towards our goal of $15K.

If you want to contribute by cash or check, be sure to note HOPE Fund on the envelope or memo line. You can also give online here or at one of our giving kiosks (again, be sure to select the HOPE Fund).

That's all for now - see you Sunday!


*******  Stats from last Sunday ******

09:30    517
11:00    359
Total    876
LiveStream IPs    35
Ministry & Operations Fund
Offering    $51,352
Goal    $30,000
YTD    $1,328,375
Goal    $1,322,500
Status    $5,875

Rick McGinniss