02-18-18@North Heartland: "Reckless Love"

Good late afternoon dear family and friends of NHCC,

Three things to note as we launch this weekend:

This Sunday we'll continue in our series "This Is Jesus: The Upside Down Kingdom" with the message "Reckless Love." Last week we talked about Jesus' "rule to rule all other rules" (love one another as He has loved us). This week we'll look at how He applied it in a radical way that is at the same time scandalous and encouraging.

Next Friday, we'll be hosting the Work as Worship one-day retreat right here @NHCC. If you're a follower of Jesus, and you wonder how your everyday work life connects to your spiritual life, this experience will be a huge help. Advance ticket purchase of $25 is required. Click here to sign up. If you need a scholarship, email shannon@northheartland.org.

Finally, we are saying goodbye today to a long-time staff member, Amy Laws. Amy joined our team many years ago during a time of crisis and brought some much-needed stability for which I will always be grateful. In recent years, she has worked on her counseling certification and has taken a job in that field. We're happy that she is following the Lord's leading in this and wish her the very best. We're also happy that she and her family will remain part of the NHCC family.

Now go have a GREAT weekend and, as you interact with others, don't forget to ask the question that applies Jesus' rule to real life: "what does love require of me in this situation, with this person?"

See you Sunday,



Rick McGinniss