02-04-18 @North Heartland: Football Sunday!

Good afternoon dear family and friends of North Heartland,

This Sunday is "Football Sunday!"

Our services will feature great music, a little bit of Superbowl trivia fun and moving testimonies (via video) from several NFL players who are playing in this Sunday's game. 

We've made use of this outstanding resource (from The Increase) for the past several years and it's one of the most impactful and enjoyable services we do. (It's also a great time to invite family and friends who love football but are not "church people.")

NEXT Sunday we begin the third mini-series in our "This Is Jesus" mega-series. 

As we saw last week, Jesus repeatedly resisted the temptation to endorse and/or control the most powerful forces of our world: the religious, political and economic institutions. Instead, He initiated an alternative order called "The Kingdom of God" in which "the lost" and "the least" become leading citizens. 

Don't miss This Is Jesus (Part III): The Upside-Down Kingdom as we discover how the subversive power of His Kingdom can impact our lives and world today. More details next week!

See you Sunday,


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Rick McGinniss