02-25-18 @North Heartland: The Top-Down Revolution

Hello dear family and friends of North Heartland,

I'm taking a very quick break from the awesome "Work as Worship" retreat simulcast we are hosting here at the building to post a brief reminder that we're continuing in our This Is Jesus series this Sunday with a message I'm calling The Top-Down Revolution.

I'm even more inspired to share this message after what I've heard this morning. All of the speakers have addressed what our faith has to do with our jobs but several have specifically spoken to how our creative and financial productivity matters to God's Kingdom ... which is what the "Top Down Revolution" is all about.

See you Sunday!


*** Stats from last Sunday ***

09:30    340
11:00    389
Total    729
LiveStream IPs    50
Ministry & Operations Fund
Offering    $18,781
Goal    $22,000
YTD    $186,727
Goal    $168,000
Status    $18,727


Rick McGinniss