02-11-18 @North Heartland: "This Is Jesus: The Upside-Down Kingdom" begins!

Good afternoon dear family and friends of NHCC,

I'm excited because this Sunday we begin part III of our This Is Jesus mega-series which will run through Palm Sunday. If you've ever wondered about the unique and counter-cultural vision Jesus had for this earth (and for us!), this series will help you find answers. 

Here's the plan ...

This is Jesus (Part III): The Upside-Down Kingdom

Jesus repeatedly resisted the temptation to endorse and control the most powerful forces of our world: the religious, political and economic institutions. Instead, He initiated an alternative order called "The Kingdom of God" in which "the lost" and "the least" become leading citizens. Join us as we discover how the subversive power of His Kingdom can impact our lives and world today.

02/11 Just One Rule
When institutional religion inevitably becomes convoluted and confused, Jesus brings simplicity and clarity.

02/18 Reckless Love
Jesus’ “one rule” may be clear and simple but its real-life implications can be scandalous.

02/25 Top-Down Revolution
Most revolutions begin at the bottom of the economic ladder. But in Jesus’ Kingdom, the flame of revolution burns from the top.

03/04 Like a Child
What do you do when your power and position blind you to God’s Kingdom? Jesus says you go back to the very beginning.

03/11 Where the World Is Flat
From cradle to grave, we are told where we stand in the religious, political and economic pecking order. Jesus hates that.

03/18 Of Rights and Wrongs
Standing up for your rights when you are wronged is your right, right? Maybe not. At least, that’s how Jesus sees it.

03/25 (Palm Sunday) Dead Man Walking
Keep telling the economic, political and religious institutions that they’ve got it all wrong and they’ll eventually kill you. Just ask Jesus.

Not only will this be a great series for those who follow Jesus, it will also be a great opportunity for those who are curious about who He is and what He's all about.

Finally, there's a lot of talk about snow for this weekend. I'll be there regardless and I hope you will be, too!


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