03-18 @North Heartland: The Upside-Down Kingdom ... "Of Rights and Wrongs"

Good dreary (again) morning!

As much as I love KC, I think this time of year is the hardest in terms of the weather. Yesterday was so gorgeous and then there's today. What happened to 78 and sunny???

But, no matter, because things will be warm and friendly again this Sunday as we continue in our series, This Is Jesus: The Upside-Down Kingdom. What do you do when you have committed yourself to be a servant to others (as Jesus taught us to do) but they aren't playing by the same rules? That's what we'll look at in the message Of Rights and Wrongs.

I have to say that it's hard to imagine a more timely topic given all the tension in our current culture over so many issues. There has to be a better way than the way we are collectively treating each other (and there is).

By the way, this Sunday I am also going to announce an exciting project that will allow us to better serve parents who have children with special needs.  Several years ago, through the passion and vision of a few individuals, a unique ministry of NHCC sprang up (we call it the "PALS" program) and we anticipate that it will continue to grow as word spreads of what we offer to parents and their kids. I'm almost as fired up about getting to share news of this project with you as I am the message!

Finally, if you regularly shop at Amazon, just a note that they are running a promotion right now where they will triple their donation for new "smile" shoppers during the next couple of weeks. Normally, they donate .5% of whatever you spend (using smile.amazon.com instead of the regular Amazon site) to a charity of your choice (you have to choose North Heartland Community Church the first time you use it) but until the end of the month they will triple that amount to 1.5% on your first purchase. So, if you haven't yet used the Smile program and you're planning on a purchase through Amazon before March 31, this is a great opportunity!

In case you're wondering, since the Amazon Smile program began, NHCC has received $264. That's enough to pay for a week and half of the printed programs we give out each Sunday so it really does make a tangible difference when you "smile." :)

See you Sunday!


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Rick McGinniss