03-25-18 @North Heartland: "Dead Man Walking", Potential Park, PALS project

Good afternoon family and friends of North Heartland,

Three things to share with you today ... 

First of all, this Sunday we'll bring part III of our mega-series This Is Jesus to a close with the message Dead Man Walking, focusing on one of the more bizarre and upside-down aspects of Jesus' death: why it was even necessary in the first place. 

In recent years, a persistent criticism of Christianity is that if God not only allowed His Son to die such a horrible death but actually arranged for it to happen, then He must be a divine child-abuser. After all, if any of us did such a thing, we'd be thrown in jail (or worse) so this is a charge we need to take seriously. 

In addition to the message, we've also got some great music and video lined up for this service. I'm expecting it to be one of the best of the entire series. 

Second thing I want to share with you is that the possibility of a park being built on the acreage to the east of our property is still alive. On Wednesday morning, our staff got an update from Nelsie Sweeney, who is leading the campaign to make it happen. As it turns out, the City Council has not yet made a decision as to where all of this year's PIAC funds will be spent. (PIAC stands for "Public Improvements Advisory Committee" which solicits input from citizens on which capital projects ought to be funded by the City.) 

Furthermore, the owner of the property (7+- acres) has listed the property for $1.3M but has offered it to the city for $900K. Given that so much of the Northland is turning into concrete and asphalt, this is an opportunity to avoid paving paradise in favor of another parking lot (hat tip to Joan Baez). To assist in that effort, NHCC has officially offered the free use of our lower parking lot which would save the city the expense of having to build and maintain one.

If you want to know more about this potential project, it would be worth watching the story produced last Monday by KSHB TV.

If you would like to be involved in keeping this issue in front of the City Council, there are two things you can do:

  1. Sign the petition which is posted here. Don't worry if you are not a resident of this area. If you frequent the NHCC property, your opinion matters.
  2. Write, email or call our City Council members. Contact info and a template for wording is available here. Just cut, paste and click!

Finally, last week I introduced you to the PALS Project - several modifications to our Children's Ministry area that will allow us to better serve kids with special needs (and their parents) as well as the other necessary improvements that domino from that effort. Our goal is $25K and we quickly reached $5K after last Sunday's announcement. Well done!

I'll be sharing more information about progress on the project this Sunday but if you want to make a donation right now, you can do so at this link. Make sure you choose "PALS Project" in the "My Donation" dropdown list.

Ok that's all for now. See you Sunday!


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Ministry & Operations Fund

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Rick McGinniss