04-01-18 @North Heartland: Easter Sunday ... "This Is Jesus" (Part IV) begins!

Good afternoon NHCCers!

I'm sending this out a day earlier than usual because I want to remind you of the opportunity to take some time tonight or tomorrow to remember the sacrifice that Jesus made for us. To help you do that, our building will be open from 7pm to 9 pm this evening and 11:00am to 7:30pm tomorrow. We'll have a personal communion station available, plus an opportunity to receive a prayer of blessing from one of our pastors if you wish. In addition, our cafe has been transformed into an inspiring display of various types of artwork (created by other NHCCers) that will help you go a little deeper in your time of reflection if that would be helpful to you.

As your pastor, I want to strongly encourage you to make time for this. It will be good for your heart and soul and will honor God. If you can't stop by, then at least be sure to carve out a few minutes and read the story which is recorded in these places in the Scripture: Matthew 26&27, Mark 14&15; Luke 22&23, John 18&19. 

As for this Sunday, I'm so looking forward to our services! Great music and a humorous-but-pointed drama will set the stage not just for the celebration of Jesus' resurrection but also the beginning of the final six-week installment of our This Is Jesus mega-series . I'm calling this part To the Ends of the Earth because that's where Jesus told His followers to take the message of the upside-down Kingdom of God. On Sunday, we'll kick things off with a look at the shockingly counter-cultural and even dangerous proclamation that Christ-followers everywhere were making about Jesus (note: it wasn't "He is alive" ... though they did say that, too!) and more, importantly, what that means for us today.

Also, Sunday will likely be a higher-than-normal day in terms of attendance. With that in mind, it will make things much easier if our "regulars" could leave the street parking and top-lot parking for our guests. In addition, it would be wise to be onsite a few minutes earlier than normal, especially if you're checking your kids into Adventureland. 

Finally, to update you on our PALS Project (see last weeks @North Heartland for more details), I'm happy to inform you that as of today we've received almost $10K towards our goal of $25K. That's GREAT progress! If you haven't yet contributed you can do so by clicking here and selecting "PALS project" from the "fund" dropdown list.

Have a great rest of your day and I will see you Sunday!


*** Stats from Sunday ***

09:30    339
11:00    427
Total    766
LiveStream IPs    45
Ministry & Operations Fund
Offering    $20,310
Goal    $25,000
YTD    $310,324
Goal    $290,000
Status    $20,324

Rick McGinniss