04-15-18 @North Heartland: No More "Us" and "Them"

Good afternoon NHCCers!

Three items of importance on this springlike afternoon ...

First of all, this Sunday we'll continue in our series This Is Jesus: To the Ends of the Earth by looking at an amazing characteristic of the first Christians which enabled them to successfully carry the message of "King Jesus" beyond their own culture - literally, to places all over the world. That exact same characteristic is desperately needed in our world right now which is why I'm very much looking forward to sharing this highly-relevant and counter-cultural message with you. Plus, we've also got some great music planned that you really don't want to miss! This would also be a great time to bring a friend who is not a "church person" ... which, by the way, our recent congregational survey revealed to be the number one way that people have become a part of NHCC. Personal invitations are highly effective!

Second thing you need to know is that our next baptism is scheduled for Sunday May 6th. When Jesus told his followers to go spread the good news of His Kingdom, He also told them to baptize anyone who believed and wanted to join up, which is why we do this.

So, if you have never been baptized and you have come to believe in Jesus and want to follow Him in the "upside-down way," I strongly urge you to take advantage of this opportunity. The baptism will happen in both the 9:30 and 11:00 services. I'm especially excited about this one because May 6th is also the final Sunday of the This Is Jesus mega-series and, after five months of focusing on who He was and what He was doing, a baptism seems to be a fitting conclusion. If you want to know more details and/or sign up, click here.

Finally, our PALs project is almost finished! 90% of the structural, painting, electrical, plumbing, etc is complete with only touch-up, furnishings and a bit of ceiling work remaining. We've got a little further to go on the financial side but we're getting close on that, too. As of yesterday, we had received almost $19K of our $25K goal so, if you were planning to contribute, you can still do so through Sunday May 6th. Just click here and select "PALS project" from the "fund" dropdown.

That's all for now. Hope to see you Sunday!


*** Stats from Sunday ***

09:30    302
11:00    461
Total    763
LiveStream IPs    61
Ministry & Operations Fund
Offering    $46,110
Goal    $30,000
YTD    $384,428
Goal    $350,000
Status    $34,428


Rick McGinniss